Stephanie Fleming

Founder, ReadyToGoCopy

As Infusionsoft’s first official copywriter, Stephanie has over 10 years of experience writing content in the automated marketing world. The first ebook she wrote (The Edge) produced more than 200,000 new leads for Infusionsoft in a single year. During her years as a freelance copywriter, she wrote sales letters, website copy and marketing campaigns for over 100 Infusionsoft users (and a few non-Infusionsoft users as well). In April of 2017, Stephanie and her husband started their first official business – Ready To Go Copy. By creating effective, pre-written content she helps eliminate the barriers that keep business owners from consistently following up with prospects and customers. Stephanie is also in the process of creating an educational lead generation website – Where’s Me Leads. When she’s not writing content, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 amazing children.

Formulaic Copy - The Easy (and Fun) Way to Write Incredibly Effective Content

The problem: business owners don't have time and don't know if what they write is effective The solution: follow the formulas the experts use (there's about 27 of them) Headline/Subject Line Formulas (how to write them, why they work) Email Formulas (how to write them, why they work) Sales Page Formulas (how to write them, why they work) Offer and Call to Action Formulas (how to write them, why they work)