Scott Whitaker

Founder, Membership Multipliers

Scott Whitaker is a Membership Expert, Coach and Consultant.

He helps membership businesses multiply their membership and profits, increase retention and keep people from quitting membership programs.

One private client sold over 1 Million dollars in membership in just 18 days with Scott’s guidance.  He’s also credited with having built the largest coaching business in its niche, taking it from 72 members to over 3,000.

He’s going to be sharing with you these same strategies and tools that he shares with private clients and his coaching members.  Specifically, he’s going to tell you HOW to keep people from quitting your membership program.  He’s going to give you a simple, step-by-step checklist that you can easily implement in your membership program and increase your retention.

Why People Quit Your Membership Program & What You Can Do About It

In this talk, you'll discover:

-  11 reasons why people quit & what you can do about it

-  The one reason why you SHOULD let a member quit

-  Four ways to keep members from even thinking about quitting

-  Six tools you can quickly implement to improve your membership program

-  How to increase retention and offer opportunities for ascension and descension in your membership program