Jordan Hatch

Information Street

For more than a decade Jordan has been using his expertise in marketing automation, sales, process development and product management to help other Small Businesses be successful. As employee #10 at Infusionsoft, he was responsible for creating many of the amazing programs that Infusionsoft offers to help their customers get started, learn and implement the product. Recently, Jordan acquired Information Street, one of Infusionsoft’s oldest and largest partners, in order to work more closely with Small Businesses to help them be successful.

Jordan’s mastery of automation strategy, coupled with his sales and marketing experience, and personal drive to help entrepreneurs succeed; have made him a true “Mastermind” in the Infusionsoft community.

How Tesla Is Changing the Game For How Local Businesses Sell

Tesla is flipping the entire automobile industry on it's head. But did you know that it's impacting your local business as well? One of Tesla's greatest strengths is it's direct-to-consumer sales model. It has helped nearly every consumer out there see that there is often a better way to engage in the buying experience. In this session, Jordan will walk you through a few things you can learn from Tesla to create a better, more transparent buying experience for your customers that closes more deals for you.