Jillian Kendrick

Informed Marketing Solutions

Jillian Rosich Kendrick is a Business Success Strategist and Infusionsoft Certified Partner who helps Coaches, Authors, and Speakers grow their business and reach the masses! Through her one-on-one consulting, group coaching, and online membership she’s helped entrepreneurs across the globe build funnels, hire a team, get automated, and create massive success in their business.

If she’s not coaching or growing her business, Jillian takes time for travel, family, baking, reading, or cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks. She also runs The Orlando Chapter of The Business Bureaus/Infusionsoft User Group.

7 Secrets to Crafting Your Lead Magnet (Whether you're starting from scratch or choosing the best asset to launch your business, I'll show you how to automate your Lead Generation with an irresistible opt-in/lead magnet.)

Calling all Coaches, Authors, and Speakers…. I see you out there, working hard to create something meaningful that will impact the masses and bring you the freedom and lifestyle you want! I know it's hard! When you finally step back and survey all the moving pieces, A LOT goes into running a business. With the right strategy and action plan, you can move mountains! But where do you start? Let’s create your Lead Magnet together. That’s right, I want you to exit the conference with your Lead Magnet D.O.N.E. done. Really, I mean done. Bring your laptop/notebook and an open mind for this session on my 7 Secrets to Creating Your Lead Magnet. See you there!