Jeremy Shapiro

Founder, FuseDesk
As the founder of FuseDesk, Jeremy empowers entrepreneurs’ commitment to excellence with THE Integrated Help Desk Add-On for Infusionsoft. FuseDesk enhances one’s existing Infusionsoft application by providing a true multi-user ticketed support system that’s easy for staff, seamless for customers, and powerfully insightful for business owners.
FuseDesk supports many of the top Infusionsoft customers from Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer, Dan Kennedy’s GKIC, Joe Polish’s Genius Network, John Carter’s Trade the Markets, and more.
Since 1998, Jeremy has been consulting entrepreneurs, business owners and clients on using technology, marketing and automation to grow their businesses. Ventures have included founding a leading online provider of niche real estate data and education, facilitating the Bay Area Mastermind group to help California area business owners grow their businesses, developing a nationwide multi-million dollar niche information/education business from scratch, and creating multiple multi-million dollar SaaS businesses.
Outside of the office, you’ll typically find Jeremy cycling unreasonable distances, exploring big mountains, traveling the world with his wife and kids, and cooking up chef’s tasting dinners for his close family and friends.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through Customer Ascension

As an Influencer, you know first hand how important it is to move your valuable leads from prospect to first time customer and all the way up through continuity and high end coaching and consulting. But... what's stopping your prospects and customers from ascending? Are you leaving money on the table from customers that "fall through the cracks" and get "stuck" in your funnel? It's time to "unstick" your pre and post sale funnel and increase your Customer Lifetime Value! Join Jeremy Shapiro, Founder of FuseDesk, for an engaging presentation on exactly how influencers like you are increasing CLV and conversions in businesses just like yours. In this presentation, you'll learn:
  • 2 key strategies to reduce your returns, refunds, and chargebacks and keep your new customers for the long haul
  • The only 4 reasons that your customers, clients, and members leave you - and what you can do about it to increase retention
  • Pre-sales tactics to help your prospects convert to customers and your customers upgrade to higher end services