Greg Jenkins

Founder, Monkeypod Marketing

Greg Jenkins is the founder of Monkeypod Marketing, where he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through online courses and educational resources. To be specific, he helps Infusionsoft users understand the software in different ways, and at higher levels, to maximize the return on their monthly investment.

Prior to starting Monkeypod, Greg worked at Infusionsoft as a curriculum developer and lead trainer for Infusionsoft University. In addition to small business and marketing automation, he loves hiking, traveling, watching basketball, and binging Netflix. And also dogs, he loves dogs.

Basic to Baller: Building Blocks to Level Up Your Campaigns

For years I've subscribed to the mantra "Version one is better than version none", and it's true. Getting a first iteration of your campaign live is critical - but too many business stop there. This presentation will follow the development of a campaign as it evolves and improves through three distinct phases. Launching a perfect campaign is theoretically possible, but is not a sound or dependable strategy. Learning to revisit and revise your campaigns will afford you the freedom to launch more quickly, with confidence in the knowledge that you can streamline and add functionality in future iterations.