Cindy Eagar

Founder, Partner Up

Cindy has spent the past decade at Infusionsoft, wearing many different hats to help small businesses grow. She started and led the Infusionsoft Partner Program which has become Infusionsoft’s primary channel for acquiring new customers and extending their lifetime value. Cindy also led Infusionsoft’s Elite Programs, tripling the Program, by developing trainings and coaching for business to scale from $1M annual sales to $10M and beyond. She has personally coached over 100 million-dollar entrepreneurs to grow their business. Cindy comes from an entrepreneurial family and has lived through both the challenges and successes that come through running a small business.

Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Team and Expenses - Leverage Partners to Scale Your Business!

There are many ways to grow sales, but what if you could double your customer base without doubling your staff or expenses? In this session, you’ll find out how you can create a Partner Program for your business that will help you to get more customers, decrease your customer acquisition costs, and increase your customer lifetime value. Join us to learn how to:

  • Attract and acquire great partners

  • Keep your partners engaged and consistently sending you new business

  • Systematically develop your partnerships