Brian Keith

Founder, Red Beard Consulting

Infusionsoft Certified Partner Brian Keith spent thousands of hours inside Infusionsoft so he can show you new ways to make the most with the app.

He started consulting on Infusionsoft in 2012 and has spoken on marketing in Seattle, Phoenix, and London.

Bring your phone to his presentation with a full battery. You’ll be taking screenshots constantly as you rack up the next 10 things you’ll want to implement.

Find the Best and Ignore the Rest: Hypersegmentation Through Campaign Builder

Do people who confirm their email addresses within an hour buy more than people who take five days?
You can't know what you don't track, and in this talk Brian shows you how to use the native power of Infusionsoft to track behavior like you've never seen.
Learn how to tag people based on time between events using just Campaign Builder, and then how to use that information to better target your marketing, ad spend, and even outbound sales calls.