Benji Rabhan

Founder, AppointmentCore

New York Times Bestselling author Benji Rabhan solves difficult appointment-related challenges. calls him the “appointment optimization innovator.”

Benji helps people get more appointments, decrease no-shows, and convert appointments to sales. He does this through industry-specific research, custom strategy, and the latest in appointment optimization technology.

Benji Rabhan is the most acclaimed keynote speaker on appointment-related research and solutions. He brings a new perspective to understanding how appointments and the variables affecting them relate to how many appointments someone can get and most importantly, who actually shows up. Benji shares the latest in appointment-related research, unforgettable stories, and practical how-to advice that drives immediate action.

Benji takes a deep dive into each industry in which he works. Whether he’s helping small businesses or Fortune 500 companies, Benji takes a data-driven approach to solving the tough challenges that his clients face. While analytics, data, and statistics are at the heart of much of Benji’s work, he goes beyond the numbers and sees the bigger picture.

Benji has been featured in Forbes, Inc., the Wall Street Journal, CBNC, the Huffington Post, and other media outlets.

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